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“…A fantastic read, with a gripping storyline and fascinating characters.” — Harbor Road Entertainment


“...great visuals and surprising use of language that makes you viscerally feel the characters' journeys. It's a really wild ride, and you don't see the end coming...”

— Harbor Road Entertainment


Anthony lives with his opioid-addicted mother in Palm Valley, a mostly mobile home community in the high desert. He decides to checkout of his worsening daily life to soul search after a tragic loss and stumbles upon a hidden oasis deep in the belly of California's driest desert. Now he must choose between his new life of freedom in paradise or return to his dying mother's side to save her...

Desperate to make their recently formed step-family functional, Alan and Becca decide it's best to buy a new house — as one family. The solution (according to Alan) is a renovated warehouse that's selling for half the market price, but when a malevolent force challenges the family's trust, sanity, and even livelihood, the tawdry threads of their relationships come quickly unraveling… 

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